To leave a healthy world for the future

Bauxite ore is one of the most important resources in the growth of the aluminum industry that supports sustainable resource use and in leaving a healthy world to the future.

Since aluminium is durable, flexible, light, non-hazardous, impermeable, thermally and electrically conductive and nonabbrassive, it is widely used in construction, packaging, aviation and renewable energy systems. There are two ways to obtain aluminum, which is increasingly preferred in these areas.

The first way is the recycling of aluminum scrap;
the second is production from bauxite ore.

Bauxite Surdurulebilirlik



'Bauxite' for 100% Recycleable Aluminum

Bauxite is the primary ore used to produce aluminum. More than 90% of the world's bauxite is used for alumina and aluminum production.

Healthy, safe and environmental-friendly production

Healthy, safe and environmental-friendly production
Environmental and social impact assessment conducted before mining activities
Effective planning covers the entire process from waste management to rehabilitation


In this context;

  • Impact assessment and minimizing the risks,
  • Control of erosion and minimizing sediment-laden runoff,
  • Efficient use of energy and water,
  • Protecting the cultural heritage in the region
  • Protection of biodiversity and creating buffer areas to minimize negative impacts on biodiversity minimizing the impacts arising from waste disposal.


We follow, innovative technologies at all stages and support sustainability with our principles of transparency, human rights, environment and social responsibility.

Protecting nature after mining

We implement a fully integrated rehabilitation program after mining and production activities, for remediation and improvement of the pre-mining environment.

We set our rehabilitation goals at the very early stages; develop innovative solutions to carry out rehabilitation works for land management and biodiversity conservation.

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