Quality Policy

  • To continuously improve our quality level in line with customer needs and expectations,
  • Producing high quality bauxite by protecting underground resources and the environment,
  • To implement an effective quality system spread throughout the company,
  • To solve problems before arising with preventive approaches and to have a risk-based understanding,
  • To exhibit an effective, efficient, objective and impartial approach in accordance with laws, regulations and standards,
  • To ensure the development of our employees for quality products and services, to work effectively, efficiently and with a team spirit,
  • To create sustainable value by acting together with our stakeholders.

Environment Policy

  • We continuously improve our activities by the environmental impacts of our activities by regularly reviewing them,
  • We act in accordance with laws, regulations and standards,
  • Continuous improvement of environmental protection performance is our main goal,
  • We organize continuous trainings in order to increase environmental awareness of our employees
  • We contribute to the environmental protection through waste management and recycling by reducing energy and natural resource consumption,
  • We search for the latest technologies that prevent environmental pollution and follow the innovations,
  • We protect underground and surface resources, add value to the environment,
  • We ensure the protection of biodiversity by encouraging the development of natural life in all our quarry sites,
  • We plan in advance the environmental risks of our activities and possible emergencies and take precautions.


OHS Policy

  • OHS is the responsibility of all our employees,
  • We comply with all rules regarding Occupational Safety,
  • We regularly review the OHS risks of our activities and continuously improve them,
  • We act in accordance with laws, regulations and standards,
  • It is our main goal to continuously improve OHS management and performance,
  • In order to create employees with high OHS awareness, we provide continuous training and act with the understanding of protecting yourself and your friend,
  • We research the latest technologies that prevent occupational accidents and follow the innovations.

Information Technologies Policies

  • We comply with all legal regulations and contracts regarding Information Security,
  • We systematically manage the risks that may arise against our information assets,
  • We organize trainings that will develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase Information Security awareness and monitor their effectiveness,
  • The execution of our Information Security policy through the elements of Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility is guaranteed on behalf of partner companies and our employees,
  • It is our main goal to continuously improve Information Security management and performance,
  • Protection of personal data and compliance with the relevant legislation is our basic understanding.


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