Our plant, which produces bauxite with open pit method, is located in Menteşe district of Muğla province. The bauxite ore produced is processed and classified according to the following product types.


0-10 mm 2-12 mm 10-30 mm

10-50 mm 50-150 mm

Boksit Urunler 1 Min

Our products have thermostable and diasporic properties.
Our facility has a monthly production capacity of 100,000 tons.
Quality control and analyzes of the produced material are carried out in our own laboratory in daily basis.
Shipments are made by break bulk vessels from Güllük Port according to customer needs.
The chemical composition of the produced material and stock is monitored in daily basis.


Boksit 0 10 Mm Min

0-10 / 2-12 mm

Boksit 10 30 Mm Min

10-30 mm

Boksit 10 50 Mm Min

10-50 mm

Boksit 50 150 Min

50-150 mm

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