About Bauxite Ore and Bauxite Industry

by in General February 28, 2020

Bauxite is a sedimentary rock with a relatively high aluminum content. It is the world’s main aluminum source. Bauxite is a mixture of aluminum oxide and hydroxides with a hardness of 1-3, a density of 2.5-3.5 g / cm3.
90% of the metal aluminum production in the world is supplied from this ore. In this respect, bauxite ore has an important place in world trade.

Because Bauxite was first found in the village of Les Baux in Southern France in 1821 it was named of this village. Bauxite deposits are generally 0-2 m close to the surface and they are carried out by open operation in approximately 80% of the world bauxite deposits.

It is used in many industries such as chemical industry, refractory, abrasive, cement, steel and oil industry. In chemical industry, bauxite is used with alumina in the production of aluminum chemicals. It is used as a raw material in refractories to make several products.

The total of bauxite operable reserves in the world is approximately 30 billion tons, the main countries with the richest reserves are Guinea (7.4 billion tons), Australia (6 billion tons), Vietnam (3.7 billion tons), Brazil (2.6 billion tons). ) and Jamaica (2 billion tons), Indonesia (1 billion tons), China (1 billion tons) Guyana (0.8 billion tons), India (0.8 billion tons) and Russia (0.5 billion tons).

The total number of operable bauxite reserves in our country is approximately 63 million tons, and the regions with the highest reserves are Seydişehir-Akseki (31 million tons), Muğla-Milas-Yatağan (17.5 million tons), Tufanbeyli-Saimbeyli (9.8 million tons). .

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